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 Pricing Information



Orders are considered firm and all cancellations must be in writing, no exceptions. All charges that have been incurred prior to order cancellation will be  billed accordingly. Minimum charge is $40.00(g).


Color Changes:

Color change within an order: $15.00(g)

Changing from ceramic imprint to a metallic imprint or vice versa: $45.00(g)

For decal imprinting 1st color: $175.00(g)

For each additional decal color: $75.00(g)


Copy Changes:

There will be a $30.00(g) charge per color for direct screen printing and a $60.00(g) charge per color for a decal printing for copy that requires changing. Copy changes are limited to one to four (4) lines of type. Copy changes to more than four lines of imprint incur new screen charges. If both item and copy are changed, new screen charges will apply. Changes to the logo will incur screen charges. 


Decal Pricing:

Should your artwork require the use of the decal process; it may require additional lead times for your order. Determine the cost of direct screen printing the item you want imprinted from the catalog. Be sure to include all the colors in the imprint and any up charges for 22kt gold, platinum or copper and add the decal pricing up charge as shown below:

                  144    288     576   1008    2016

1 Side     $1.09   $.94    $.89   $.79     $.69

2 Side     $1.59 $1.39  $1.29  $1.19  $1.15  (5g)

This pricing guide does not apply to process decals and is not final until final review of the actual artwork. Minimum order: 144 pieces per logo, per item. Decals are subject to an over or under run of up to 10%. Less than minimum order quantities are not available in decals.


Distributor Samples:

Requested samples from the production run are available to the distributor. Please request overrun samples on the purchase order and add item cost and shipping charges. In the event the actual order is an under run, the requested distributor sample will not be sent, unless otherwise specified.



Enclosures can be inserted at no extra charge providing they require no bending or folding and will survive the heat of the product coming directly out of the lehr and are dropped into the item or packaging without extra labor. We reserve the right to charge for enclosures. Production will not begin until the enclosures are received at the factory.


Individual Mailings:

Sabina provides individual mailings for most items within the United States. Add the cost of the mailer carton from the price schedule for the item desired, plus $1.75(g) per piece for processing, plus freight charges. It is understood the customer will provide the individual mailing information. We accept a digital list via E-mail in ASCII form or an Excel spreadsheet.




Metallic Gold, Platinum or Copper Imprints:

For metallic gold, platinum or copper imprints add $.95(g) per piece, per side, up to 3 square inches of coverage. This same pricing applies to microwave safe metallic gold and copper imprints. This is in addition to the regular imprint color charge. If the imprint exceeds 3 square inches of coverage, consult the factory for additional pricing. Metallic imprints are not ceramic enamel imprints and may wear off with use. If you require lasting permanence, we do not recommend the  use  of  these precious metals.We reserve the right to revise metallic imprint prices at any time, according to current market conditions. Metallic imprints are not dishwasher safe. Merely requesting “gold” may cause your order to be delayed. By requesting “metallic gold” you will ensure you receive 22kt gold.


Microwave Safe Metallic Imprints:

Microwave safe gold and copper imprints are available upon request. If you desire this process, “microwave safe” must appear on your order, or we will use our regular metallic imprint. Pricing for microwave safe metals is the same as standard metallics. Microwave safe metallic imprints can vary slightly from the appearance and shine of standard metallics. Microwave safe metallic imprints are not ceramic enamel imprints and may wear off with use. If you require lasting permanence, we do  not recommend the use of these precious metals. We reserve the right to change metallic imprint prices at any time according to the current market conditions. Microwave safe metallic imprints are not dishwasher safe.

Rimband 3/16"                             Halo                                      


add $1.30 (G) per piece                 add $.60 (G) per piece                

Gold and copper are also available in microwave safe metallics. These processes are not available on all items and are not dishwasher safe.


Minimum Order:

A $50.00(g) charge will apply to orders less than minimum quantity shown on the price list. Normal screen charges will apply. The firm minimum order quantity is 50% of the first column quantity as shown on the product pages. Only one color imprints can be accepted for less than minimum orders. Promotional pricing does not apply and we request orders for full case pack quantities.



Minimum quantity for personalization is 144 pieces. A complete typed alphabetical list of names is needed when the order is submitted. The type is limited to 26 characters and limited to the Sabina type styles in paragraph #8. To determine pricing, add $3.00(g) per personalization to our regular catalog pricing. Personalization is not available at promotional pricing. Add $3.95(g) for metallic personalizations. There will be a screen charge of $145.00(g) for each set of 144 personalizations. Lead time is three to four weeks for fulfillment. Personalization color may not always match the imprint color. If we are required to cross reference and match the cartons there will be an additional $0.75(g) charge per personalization.


Pricing Note:

All prices listed in this catalog are based upon labor and materials costs at the time of the printing. Pricing on all products is invoiced to the third place to the right of the decimal point. Sabina is held harmless for outdated catalog or incorrect industry web sites. Sabina web site pricing will prevail.


Repeat Orders:

There will be no additional screen charges for the same design, same imprint colors,on the same items if reordered within two years. After two years, regular screen charges will apply. We cannot guarantee color matches or item color matches on repeat orders.


Returned Checks:

There will be a $25.00(g) charge for any returned check.


Screen Charges:

There is a $45.00(g) screen charge per imprint color for direct screen printing and $145.00(g) for one color decal print. Additional decal colors are $75.00(g) per color/screen. This applies to the first order of each new design. This covers press setup and screen processing costs.


Screen Conversion Charges:

An identical design applied to a different item incurs a conversion charge per imprint color:

• $25.00(g) for direct screen

• $60.00(g) for decal printing


Speculative/Pre-Production Samples:

Speculative/Pre-Production samples are available at $35.00(g) per color, plus normal artwork and screen charges. These charges will be billed on an invoice separate from the large quantity production run. The speculative/pre-production sample charge will be credited at 50% if an order results for the minimum catalog quantities for that item within 90 days. No credit will be allowed for artwork or screen charges. Orders requesting speculative/pre-production samples prior to production are not considered final until the sample is approved in writing. This sampling process can affect inventory commitments for that order.

Sabina reserves the right to produce a proof on any order, prior to production. Production of your order will not begin until we receive your signed proof approval form. Any changes or revisions to your original instructions will incur additional non-waivable charges of $20.00(g) per color, per revision. Delays and changes to proof approval will require a change in your original scheduled ship date(s). Due to the variances in production tooling, processing, ink and other conditions between sampling proofing (sampling) and the actual production, a reasonable variation from the pre-production sample to the actual production run is considered within normal industry tolerances.


Special Quotations:

Contact the factory for pricing for special packaging, non-catalog items or orders requesting quantities higher than shown in the catalog. Minimum order for special orders on non-stock glass or ceramic items is 144 pieces. Price quotations will be confirmed to you in writing.


Wrap Around or  Opposite  Side Imprints:

There is no additional charge for one color designs on most items in our catalog when imprinting the same design/color on the opposite side. Metallic imprints, decal printing and some irregular shaped items require a special quote from the factory for opposite side imprinting.