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Miscellaneous General Information


About our Products:
Glass and ceramic items are imprinted by direct screen imprinting or ceramic decal and fired at a temperature of approximately 1100 degrees F, fusing the imprint to the item. All ceramic imprints, except imitation gold and silver are dishwasher durable. Metallic gold, platinum and copper, Glitterware, and Sublimation items are not safe for any dishwasher and should be hand wash only. Stainless Steel, Acrylic, and Hydration items are printed with organic imprints and are not safe for any dishwasher and should be hand wash only. Lusterware, Neonware, and Organic imprint applied to Glassware and Ceramic items are considered safe in home top rack dishwashers. Standard Precious Metal treatments and imprints, and metal plated items (Lusterware and Glitterware) cannot be used in microwave. Micro Safe Metallic gold and copper is available upon your request.
Billing and Shipping Address:
If no shipping address is noted on an order, the order will ship to the billing address. If the shipping address is “to follow”, note this on the order. Production of your order may be delayed until the receipt of the shipping address on orders marked “shipping address to follow”. These delays are the responsibility of the ordering party.
Catalog Imprints and Trademark Policy:
Products and logos shown in this catalog appear only to illustrate the ability to include messages and art on them. They are not intended to suggest that the imprints were designed by this company or that products with specific imprints are readily available to any purchaser without permission of the owners of the trademarks or copyrighted art. Photographs in this catalog may not depict the true item color. If color is essential, a blank sample should be ordered from current stock. You must own the intellectual rights to the artwork or copy submitted for imprint or by way of assignment are authorized to submit the art or copy. By submitting artwork or copy, you and your client agree that you are in compliance with all laws related to trademark, copyright, and all other intellectual property rights in the artwork or copy submitted. Sabina disclaims all liability for non-compliance with these laws.
Ceramics Use in Foodservice:
The non-vitrified porcelains and stoneware products depicted in our catalog are not deemed acceptable for restaurant use with repeated dish washings in heavy commercial dishwashers. Slight variations and tiny imperfections in glassware and ceramics are not considered flaws. There are almost always slight variances in height, diameter and other dimensions in glassware and ceramics. Listed ounces and weight will vary. Fluid capacities are approximate and should not be used as a standard of measure. All fluid ounces are measured to a spillover condition. Please allow a tolerance of plus or minus 5% for ounce capacity variances.
Claim & Returns:
Claims, other than those involving freight carriers, can only be considered if submitted within 30 days after receipt of shipment. Before any complaint is processed, we reserve the right to inspect several production pieces. Shipments returned without our permission and an RA# will be refused. Sabina will be held harmless for the inability to fill orders due to Force Majeure, strikes, acts of nature, shortage of materials or any other reasonable cause.
Complete Purchase Orders:
A complete, shippable order with camera-ready art and all necessary information will ensure the fastest turnaround of your order. Call backs for clarification may cause a delay in shipping your order. Any credit issues may hold up your order. Your purchase order is a legal document, any changes must be confirmed in writing. Sabina is held harmless should duplicate shipment occur because “confirming” did not appear on the follow up purchase order.
Credit Terms:
Credit terms must be approved by the factory. Once approved, terms are Net 30 days. A 1.5% carrying charge per month will be assessed on past due accounts.
Imprint Colors:
Please specify PMS numbers for imprint color(s) on the order. While we offer many standard imprint colors, some colors, such as rhodamine red, rubine red, hot pink and bright purple, cannot be achieved with the ceramic color palette available for high firing on glass and ceramics. If you choose one of these colors, we will notify you for an alternative color choice. An exact color match cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the firing process. Variations can also occur due to substrate color, opacity, and other factors. Because of the nature of ceramic enamels we cannot guarantee exact matches from speculative/pre-production sample to the production run. All ceramic imprints (except precious metals and imitation gold and silver) are dishwasher durable. Satin Etch is a popular imprint color often used on glassware. This is a screen printed application. Sabina does not employ a deep etch process.
Imprint Registration:
When multiple colors are used in a design, a variance up to +/- 1/16” may occur and must be considered acceptable and within industry tolerance levels. If tighter registration is required, it can be achieved by the use of a decal (with lasting permanence), but will require a special quotation and additional lead time. Decals are applied by hand, and variation of position will occur. Exact straightness and positioning cannot be guaranteed.
Inventory Availability Quotes:
Inventory availability is based on current quantities available at the immediate time of that quote. These quantities can change without notice and can only be guaranteed and mortgaged with receipt of a purchase order and a final proof approval.
Overage and Underage:
Lusterware (Ni Chrome Plating):
10% Over or Under
Glitterware (Aluminum Plating):
10% Over or Under
10% Over or Under
72 - 288 pieces = 5% Over or Under
289 - 576 pieces = 3% Over or Under
577 - 2016 pieces = 2% Over or Under
2017 pieces and above = 1% Over or Under
Direct Screen Imprint (That does not include any of the above):
72 - 288 pieces = 10% Over or Under
289 - 576 pieces = 5% Over or Under
577 pieces and above = 3% Over or Under

As all items are made to customers’ special design, and for quality control; exact quantity shipments are not guaranteed without an additional charge. Exact quantity shipments are available at an additional charge of 5%.


Product & Imprint Safety Compliance:
Sabina prides itself on producing safe products that adhere to all US Federal and State regulations pertaining to heavy metal content. Sabina has always taken a leadership role in the decorating industry in regards to Product Safety, maintaining a Board Membership role with the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorated Products.
Blank Ware

All blank ware purchased by Sabina is tested by lot against rigorous standards and certified in writing by our suppliers. Glass blank ware is primarily purchased domestically from tier one suppliers like Libbey, Arc International, and Anchor Hocking. Imported blank ware items are primarily purchased through a trusted domestic importer/distributor with a vested relationship in offshore producing operations. All blank ware items offered by Sabina are certified by item, by supplier, and by lot to meet or exceed heavy metal content limits as defined in all US Federal and State laws, including CPSC requirements defined in the CPSIA.


Decorating Materials
All re-formulated zinc based ceramic enamels, precious metals, organic inks, and sprays carry certificates of test results, as well as MSDS documentation. Certificates of test results and Material Safety Data Sheets are maintained in hard copy and digital format by supplier, by lot. Copies are available upon request
Proposition 65
Sabina decorates products using materials that comply with current US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for heavy metal release standards. California does not recognize the Federal standards, choosing instead to enforce its own standards as defined in The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, often referred to as “Prop 65”. This legislation applies only to California and does not ban any product; it simply requires either compliance with the law or the use of individual product warning labels. All products in Sabina’s catalog comply with Proposition 65 in their undecorated state. No blank item requires labeling to meet Proposition 65 guidelines. Items designated to be sold or distributed in the State of California may require a warning label under this California law depending on imprint material. Sabina enforces Company policies and procedures that comply in all cases with this law. There are numerous approaches to confidently achieving compliance.
First, Sabina has alternative enamels that comply with Proposition 65. Products decorated with these alternative enamels do not require warning labels.
    1. We offer new re-formulated zinc based ceramic enamels that can be used for glass and ceramic     items employing either direct screen printing or decal application.
    2. We offer organic based colors for one color imprints and multi-color decals.
    3. We offer four color process Sublimation.
It is the distributor’s responsibility to notify Sabina in advance of shipments planned for immediate or eventual shipment to California.
Sabina offers no products designed primarily for children age 12 or under. Therefore, Sabina complies with the requirements of the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Only the distributor and /or end customer, in the employment of targeted art or specific advertising, render a product subject to CPSIA requirements.
The CPSIA employs key factors in determining Children’s Products.
    * Intended use primarily for children age 12 or under.
    * Marketing/Advertising specifically targets children age 12 or under.
    * Consumer recognition of product as primarily intended for children age 12 or under.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), further states that, “If a product is intended for adults or for general use by consumers of all ages, then it is not intended primarily for children.”
All products offered for sale by Sabina are for general use by consumers of all ages; none are intended primarily for children age 12 or under. Sabina does not advertise or market any products primarily to children age 12 or under. Drinkware and table top items offered for sale by Sabina are commonly recognized as intended for general use not primarily for children age 12 or under. Therefore, all products manufactured for sale by Sabina are exempt from the requirements of the CPSIA.
No CPSIA reporting, testing, or labeling requirements apply to the products Sabina produces for sale. Distributor marketing/advertising must not target children age 12 or under. Sabina is not liable for customer marketing/advertising decisions and expressly does not indemnify the distributor or its customers for products marketed/advertised as intended primarily for children age 12 or under.
It is the sole responsibility of the distributor to notify Sabina on its purchase order of the need to meet CPSIA requirements by clearly stating that the product must comply with CPSIA.
Products identified as requiring CPSIA compliance will be submitted for testing to a 3rd party certified laboratory of Sabina’s choosing. A charge for this testing service will apply at a rate specified on the purchase order acknowledgement. Alternatively, the distributor may specify that samples be forwarded to a designated laboratory. Sabina is happy to make this accommodation for the normal Speculative Sample charge per color. A minimum lead time of 15 working days in addition to standard lead time is required for compliance testing.
Products identified as  requiring CPSIA compliance will be labeled per the CPSIA guidelines. It is the responsibility of the Distributor to denote the preferred location on the item for this permanent marking. A general certificate of conformity will be provided with invoice submitted within 24 hours of shipment. Products tested at the distributor’s designated laboratory will contain limited information. A charge for labeling and certification service will apply at a rate specified on the purchase order acknowledgement.

FDA Lip & Rim
Sabina rigorously verifies production activity to assure compliance with the voluntary FDA Lip and Rim standard. The lip and rim area of a glass tumbler or ceramic mug or cup is considered to be the top 20 millimeters of the outside of the item - the area the lips might touch while consuming a beverage. Glass or ceramic ware, which has less than 60 millimeters of decorating area below the external rim, and which is not, by design, representation, or custom of usage intended for use by children, is exempt from this voluntary standard as revised in 1999 and published in the Federal Register.  Only imprint materials that comply with the limits set by this voluntary FDA standard are employed when printing within the lip and rim area of designated glass and ceramic items.
Product Safety Contact
For product safety concerns, please contact your Sabina Customer Service Representative.
Quality of Ceramics and Glassware:

Sabina offers a broad line of appealing and cost effective promotional products. Because of the processes involved, glassware and ceramics cannot be guaranteed 100% consistent and no two items are guaranteed identical. Variations in materials, firing temperatures, glazes and pigment can cause variances in the final product, which are considered acceptable. Tiny imperfections are not considered rejectable flaws. Blank size and color variation may occur within an order from order to order, but with reasonably established standards for variance. All products sizes are approximate and subject to change without notice. Representative samples are available for evaluation at no charge.

Rush Delivery:

We will try to accommodate rush orders whenever possible. If shipment is required in less than normal production time, the order will incur a 15% rush charge. You assume all liability for accuracy of imprint, imprint colors and placements. Factory approval is required for all rush orders.